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It doesn't stay that way for long, by the time Alice has finished with it, that humble ball of clay will be turned into something beautiful to be treasured by the lucky owner.

"I love the beginning when you take a ball of wet clay and mould it into something that eventually someone will use.  I find the feel of the clay very relaxing, a great way to switch off from everything.  The last part of the process is also very satisfying when you open the kiln."

She always dabbled in creative pursuits of one kind or other from sewing, basket weaving, gardening, pottery. "I enjoy gardening and having pot plants in and around the house.  Plants and flowers look much more interesting when they’re in a pot or vase that is handmade."

So trying her hand at ceramics is probably not all that surprising.

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Alice Morgan is at her happiest, sitting in her sunny warm studio quietly working with her favourite medium, the humble ball of clay.

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I love the slow process of it all and then the anticipation of what you're going to find when you open the kiln

"I’ve always been drawn to handmade ceramics at markets, galleries and op shops.  I decided about 4 years ago to have a go at it myself by going along to classes in Geelong.  I fell in love with it straight away, I love the slow process of it all and then the anticipation of what you’re going to see when you finally open the kiln".


In fact, Alice was a florist for many years so it's easy to see she has creative flair in whatever she puts her hand to. This may give us a clue as to why vases and planters are a firm favourite and the pieces she loves to make most of all. 

"It’s nice being able to give someone a plant or flowers in a handmade pot or vase".


When asked about her all-time favourite piece, Alice recalls her very first creation, a small pinch pot, which sits quietly on the shelf above, almost as a reminder of her beginnings in the craft. Even now, that is still how many of her beautiful pieces start out.

When she's not creating her beautiful ceramic pieces in her Barwon Heads home studio, the amazing garden she has created is the place you will most likely find her.

"I love anything to do with gardening and plants!  I’m drawn to succulents, cacti and any plant that looks a bit different.  I enjoy visiting op shops, markets, plant nurseries and garage sales.  Doing up old furniture and bits and bobs is also something I find quite satisfying".

Alice currently stocks her wares at Lon Retreat in Pt Lonsdale Victoria Australia. And creates bespoke pieces on request.


Have something special in mind? Get in touch to find out more.

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